Organizational development

We know by experience that targeted efforts to trigger the potential of managers, individuals and groups lead to higher achievements in the organization.

We work with evidence based methods in order to strenghten managers in their leadership and individuals and groups in their collaboration. We focus on measurability in our efforts; you shall be able to see effects

Through targeted efforts we ensure that you attain effect and move the organization towards your desired goal!


Leadership development

Leadership is a key factor for the achievement of the organization. Efficient leadership is a substantial competitive advantage.


Courses and workshops

We tailor lectures, courses and workshops based on your needs. Some of the themes we often work with are communication and feedback.



We facilitate employee groups and management groups in creating plans of action or solving problems and challenges

Communication and feedback (DiSC®/IPU)

For managers who need training in their communicative skills we work with DiSC®, a well-tried method based on Marston’s theories of our behavioral styles: Dominance, Inducement, Submission and Compliance.

DiSC® leads to awareness of one’s own behavior and communication styles and those of others

Read more about DiSC®/IPU


Dialogue training

We create a coherent dialogue structure for your organization and train your key persons in efficient setups to strengthen changes in behavior, increase goal realization, strengthen collaboration and raise well-being and commitment.


Individual manager meetings

Our organizational consultants help managers in the task to present results and analyses of an employee survey.



Being a manager requires courage and a will to always develop oneself and let oneself be challenged. We act as a speaking partner and external sounding board for managers in different situations.

Product sheets

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