Customer survey

Loyal customers give your company conditions for higher efficiency and profitability. Zondera’s customer surveys clarify your customers’ experience of your products, services, communication and treatment.

Strategic connection to your company

Zondera's customer surveys are customized for your company. We take into account the current strategy and the survey is designed to capture the factors that can develop the business and the customer relationship.

Loyal customers increase the profitability of your company!

Different types of surveys

Zondera makes many different types of customer surveys. For example it can be internal customer surveys, evaluations of big projects/deliverances or user questionnaires for the public sector. We can also correlate the results of an employee survey and a customer survey. In that way you get a basis for training the employees in a customer focused working method and in creating an attitude in which everyone takes responsibility for the customer experience.

Examples of application areas

  • Customer surveys
  • Internal customer surveys
  • Evaluations of larger projects/deliverables
  • User questionnaires (public sector)
  • Linked measurements, customer satisfaction and employee satisfaction (CSI/ESI)


You get a pedagogical and legible result material and a clear presentation of preferential areas of development. The results are a good basis for decisions for business development that gives you the ability to create a customer oriented business.

Customer and employee survey

Zondera has developed a method in which questions and results of surveys of customers and employees can be correlated and compared.

The result will help you train the employees in a customer oriented working method and create an attitude in which everyone takes responsibility for the customer experience.

Based on science

Zondera’s surveys are based on science with a well-tried and documented working model to help you act on the feedback from every phase of the customers’ experience in meeting you. Through follow-up customer surveys you can ensure that your efforts have been efficient.

Product sheets

Download our product sheets for a summary of our surveys, products and services.

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