360° Feedback

Through Zondera’s 360° Feedback you get a solid basis for development within the organization. The tool gives a broad picture, with strong aspects and areas of development and gaps between different perspectives.

This is a powerful tool to raise self-awareness and start focusing on the behaviors that have the best effects.

Together we use the results to develop your organization!

Target group

Managers and employees in need of development.

There is a need to give feedback to participants based on a number of dimensions.

Five common dimensions for feedback:

Culture, Communication, Professionalism, Competence & Characteristics, Employeeship

Purpose and goal

Provide increased insight into the individual performance, but also a summary of the participants' abilities, in relation to other employees.

Create an image of how the participant is perceived in the organization and provide a basis for individual development.

Zonderas 360 ° is performed according to the following steps:

  • Information for the participants
  • Interviews to design a custom feedback form
  • Nomination, decide who will give feedback on whom
  • Feedback is performed
  • Analysis
  • Reporting to the client
  • Training in providing feedback on results
  • Feedback to employees, resulting in an individual action plan
  • Follow-up of action plans

Benefits of 360° feedback

Strategic benefits

Managers and HR gets:

  • Presentation of the outcome at an overall level
  • Strategic brief of the results from completed feedback to employees
  • Basis for important efforts at an overall level
  • Recommendation of clear focus areas

Operational benefits

Every employee gets:

  • Personal feedback on the result
    - Can be performed by Zondera's organizational consultant
  • A clear overview of strengths and areas for improvement
  • The right focus in the development of personal qualities
  • Good basis for further discussion

Additional services

Zondera always deliver 360° Feedback together with either consulting support and/or training in 360° Feedback.

360° Feedback with Zondera's consultant

If you want more power in the process, we offer consulting support in the review of the report. The individual employee is helped to interpret the report and lay the foundation for a personal action plan. Together with the employee, a plan is created for continued development in priority areas.

Course on 360 Feedback

Zondera's organizational consultants train people to provide feedback (approx. 3 hours). In the course we go through the report and methodology for feedback. We also reflect on different situations that can arise in a sharp situation.

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