Sustainable employee commitment (SEC/HME)

A high level of employee engagement is one of the most important components for the organization's success. Measure the level of commitment and the conditions for high employee engagement with help of the HME survey.

Sustainable employee commitment (SEC/HME) is an index with nine questions within three different areas: Motivation, Leadership and Management.

We can include HME in our employee surveys or carry out separate measurements if desired. The important thing for us is that we create a development so that "everyone gets the right conditions for a healthy work environment!"


About the HME survey

The questionnaire is created by SALAR (Swedish Association of Local Authorities and Regions) and RKA (Rådet för främjande av kommunala analyser) together with a reference group consisting of representatives for municipalities and regions that are familiar with strategic employer policy and employee surveys. The survey and formulation of the questions have also been inspected and processed by experts in survey design from Statistics Sweden (Statistikmyndigheten SCB).

Unique HME database

Zondera have a unique database for comparisons of HME at group level using a model to easily overview the results. The database is created based on a large number of surveys carried out over a period of more than 20 years.

Our own model with simple color markings provides a good overview of the HME levels for all groups within the organization. The model also facilitates comparison with the key figures from SKR as well as internal and external comparisons.

HME levels

Red: Groups with unhealthy HME results.

Yellow: Groups with slightly unhealthy HME result.

Green: Groups with healthy HME results.


Motivation: Measures the level of employee engagement and conditions for performing a good job within the organization.

Leadership: Evaluates the ability of the immediate managers to increase employee engagement with the right conditions and take advantage of the commitment that exists in the business.

Governance: Measures how well the organization's governance can provide conditions for a high level of employee engagement, and whether the governance takes advantage of the existing commitment.

HME delindex

Report in Kolada

The recommendation is that every municipality and county measures HME and reports in Kolada. We can include HME in our employee surveys or make a separate measurement.

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