We analyze your employee survey together with other data to help you identify the crucial correlations in your organization.

We help you analyze complex correlations in order to find the best way to act on the right level!


Employer brand analysis

How attractive your organization is as an employer can be measured in several different ways. Among other things we measure it with Employee Net Promoter Score (eNPS®).


Diversity and equality analysis

Studies, surveys and practical gender equality and diversity work establish the correlation between these factors and profitability. Mixed groups are more creative.


Stress and sick leave analysis

Both Swedish and international reports of the last years show considerable correlations between low sick leave figures and high commitment. Long periods of stress often lead to higher sick leave figures.

Powerful basis for decitions

You get a powerful basis for decisions to be able to influence your most preferential key figures.

The analyses give valuable guiding for the company management as well as the individual team and the manager.

We draw up confidentiality and PUL agreements with our customers to facilitate for our analysts and at the same time protect anonymity and the like.


Profitability analysis

Many studies establish that there are strong correlations between internal factors like the employees’ commitment, the leadership, the organizational culture and power of attraction and external factors like the customers’ satisfaction and loyalty


Talents and exit analysis

The talents of the organization often strengthen the attraction of the employer. Therefore it is important to be able to follow the talents and check that their commitment remains high.


Other analyzes

Zondera constantly develops interesting analyses together with our customers. Is there any analysis we have not thought of?

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We help you measure the right areas and get a clear picture of the present situation and your preferential areas of development!

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