Employee survey

In an employee survey, your employees are given the opportunity to provide information about how they feel and what they think about the work environment. Every employee survey is unique but the goal is always to make your employees feel commitment and satisfaction.

"Every company should conduct employee surveys!"

Employees who thrive at work are more committed and have lower sick leave. With Zondera's employee survey, you get direct feedback on how your employees are doing.

Together we use the results to develop your organization!

How is the communication between manager and employee?
Do employees enjoy working with their colleagues?


Based on science

Zondera’s employee surveys consist of relevant questions and are based on a scientific ground and well-tried methods. We help you measure your key questions and create bases for decision and follow-up for higher efficiency and profitability. We collaborate with you through the whole process and ensure that you can change and develop the organization based on the result.

Zondera's employee surveys in short

Preparation: Our consultants help and support you in the preparation process.

Implementation: Your employees participates in the survey by answering our responsive and easy to use questionaire. Either by computer, phone or tablet.

Result: The result material from the employee survey is accessible and easy to use.

Change: When the survey is done, the most important phase begins - change. Zondera has many years of experience in supporting our customers.

Advantages with Zondera´s employee surveys

Responsive questionaires: Our questionaires are responsive.

Consultant support:and presented by our experienced consultants.

Accessible result reports: The result reports are accessible and easy to work with.

A good base: HR gets a good summary and opportunity to do deeper analysis.

Portal with results: In our web portal, all managers have access to their own results and are able to do follow-up measurements on their team, so called PULSE measurements.

Efficient work process

The following structure can be used as a basis to start from when designing your process.

Zonderas process

Zondera´s vision

Our vision is that everyone should have the right conditions for a healthy work environment. This often begins with an employee survey and continues with targeted efforts to develop individual managers and employees, groups or whole organizations.

Combined surveys

An employee survey can benefit an extra effect if it can be combined with other aspects of the development of the organisation. Zondera combines your employee surveys with a customer survey or leadership evaluation.

Customer and employee survey

Zondera has developed a method in which questions and results of surveys of customers and employees can be correlated and compared.

The result will help you train the employees in a customer oriented working method and create an attitude in which everyone takes responsibility for the customer experience.

Combine with PULSE measurements

Zondera’s PULSE measurements are a quick and resource efficient way to check the present situation of the organization.

Take the PULSE, either with the aim to follow the trend in your key indexes, to set the focus on a specific area or to follow up the effects of the change activities that have been carried out, for example after the last employee survey.

Everything can be found in our easily used and interactive portal.

Read more about our PULSE measurements

Pie chart Total Index

Zondera's Total index

Zondera uses an index that summarizes the result of your employee survey that is unique to your organisation. This index is called total index. This index was previously called employee index.

Our total index provides a quick and accessible summary over the results of the employee survey. It reflects questions regarding working environment, leadership and values.

Total index - levels

TI levels

Multiple questions usually needs immediate attention.

A few questions usually needs attention.

An indication that a good and healthy working situation is present.

The management team is important

- A well functioning management team plays a major role in company success, employee health and satisfaction.

With Zondera's new tool ”Management profile” you can quickly get an overview of the management team's performance and consensus.

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