For more than 20 years we have helped companies and organizations with strategic bases for decision making based on our well-tried and scientifically supported surveys. We help you measure the right areas and get a clear picture of the present situation and your preferential areas of development.

Our portal is easy to use and quickly gives you the general overview needed!

PULSE measurements

Zondera’s PULSE measurements are a quick and resource efficient way to check the present situation of the organization.

Take the PULSE, either with the aim to follow the trend in your key indexes, to set the focus on a specific area or to follow up the effects of the change activities that have been carried out, for example after the last employee survey.

Everything can be found in our easily used and interactive portal.

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Employee surveys

Zondera’s employee surveys consist of relevant questions and are based on a scientific ground and well-tried methods. In an employee survey, your employees are given the opportunity to provide information about how they feel and what they think about the work environment.

Every employee survey is unique but the goal is always to make your employees feel commitment and satisfaction.

Costumer surveys

Loyal customers give your company the conditions for increased efficiency and profitability. With Zondera's customer surveys provides you with an overview of your customers' experience of your company's products, services, communication, treatment, etc.

Combined surveys

Combining customer and employee survey. Zondera has developed a method in which the questions and results of customer surveys and employee surveys can be linked and compared.


We are convinced that data driven decision making will develop your organization more quickly than you can imagine. We help you analyze complex correlations in order to find the best way to act on the right level.

Sustainable Employee
Commitment (SEC/HME)

Sustainable employee commitment (SEC/HME) is an index with nine questions within three different areas: Motivation, Leadership and Management.


Zondera offers a powerful 360 tool that gives managers and employees the right focus for development, we can also provide consulting support or training in 360 feedback.

Systematic Work Environment

Working environment is everything that influences human beings at work – the surroundings where we are and the conditions for our work.

Product sheets

Download our product sheets for a summary of our surveys, products and services.

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