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We tailor lectures, courses and workshops based on your needs.

Some of the themes we often work with are communication and feedback, behavioral training based on Organizational Behavior Management (OBM), stress management and personal efficiency.

Become better at creating more variety and interaction with participants!

Course in digital meeting methodology

The meeting is one of our most common tools in everyday life where we get the opportunity to share experiences, knowledge, information and make decisions so that we can become better at what we do. Today, we have most meetings digitally, which increases the demands on those who hold the meeting.

This course is aimed at those who want to increase their competence in digital meeting methodology. We help you raise your level in digital; meetings, workshops or trainings. Become better at creating more variety and interaction with the participants!

Digital mötesmetodik, bild på medarbetare som har ett möte.

Course on workshop methods

We train managers and HR in workshop methods to be able to facilitate groups, for example in creating plans of action based on the employee survey.

In the course we include theory and practice, with many examples from the own business. We give HR the tools needed to be able to guide groups and managers in many different situations.

Course on 360 Feedback

For customers who use our product 360 Feedback we train HR and managers in feedback of the result. We go through the tool and the reports that are included, but also theory and methods regarding 360 Feedback.

The training includes many practical exercises in which the participants get the opportunity to try the feedback situation We discuss and reflect on different situations that may appear in real life.

Träning i medarbetarsamtal.

Training in employee dialogues

We train managers in employee dialogues in groups as an alternative to the traditional employee dialogues, and we also train managers who have subordinate managers in follow-up dialogues with the subordinates.

We create a coherent dialogue structure for your organization and train your key persons in efficient setups to strengthen changes in behavior, increase goal realization, strengthen collaboration and raise well-being and commitment.

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We tailor lectures, courses and workshops based on your needs!

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