Leadership development

Leadership is a key factor for the achievement of the organization. Efficient leadership is a substantial competitive advantage, and targeted efforts to strengthen management groups and managers has positive effects in the whole organization.

We use evidence based methods to strengthen management groups and individual managers in their work.

Developmental leadership is a modern leadership model that has been developed by the Academy of Defense. The model is a Swedish version of Transformational leadership, one of the world's most well-known leadership theories. Through research, it has been possible to demonstrate improved efficiency within organizations and the model is considered by many researchers to be the best.

The management team is important

- A well functioning management team plays a major role in company success, employee health and satisfaction.

With Zondera's new tool ”Management profile” you can quickly get an overview of the management team's performance and consensus.

Efficient management groups

Based on research on efficient and high performing management groups we examine your management group and tailor efforts to consolidate ability to make decisions, efficient role taking and clear communication. We focus on measurability and changes in behavior in all of our efforts.

Strong managers

We work with tailored setups to strengthen managers in self-awareness, role taking and ability to make decisions. Our work is based on the concepts of Developing leadership and Indirect leadership from Försvarshögskolan in different setups adapted to strengthen managers in the key behaviors that characterize successful leadership in your organization.

Value for you

The leader receives tools to motivate and engage his employees to achieve better results.

The education leads to increased self-awareness and the ability to develop daily leadership actions.

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