PULSE measurements

Our PULSE measurements are a quick and resource efficient way to check the present situation of the organization.

With our PULSE measurements we give you strategic bases for decision making based on your most important key indicators. Through targeted efforts we ensure that you attain effect and move the organization towards your desired goal.

Get continuous information about how the organization is doing and act immediately to make a difference and achieve increased job satisfaction!

PULSE measurements for municipalities

PULSE measurements provide a good basis for municipal managers and administrative managers to conduct a dialogue with employees, groups and departments. The opportunity to have a dialogue with the manager increases motivation and creates a feeling for each and everyone in the municipality that they can actually influence their work situation. With Zondera's PULS measurements as a starting point, it is also easy to develop action plans to remedy any problems.

The result is happier employees and a more efficient municipality!

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Measure regularly what your employees and managers think about how different areas within the organization work.

For example: Leadership - Work environment - Efficiency - Job satisfaction

* Only applies the tool for PULSE measurements.

Characteristics - Zondera's PULSE measurements

Some of the characteristics with our PULSE measurements are:

  • Often used as follow up measurements
  • Often has a high frequency, 3-12 times / year
  • Fast and resource efficient
  • Detects early warning signs
  • Keeps a finger on the pulse
  • Used standalone or as a complement to larger survey
  • Limited extent, 3-15 questions
  • Target group: HR and management
  • The results are reported selectively

Use Pulse Measurements - Stay updated!

Use PULSE measurements to keep track so that the organization is moving in the right direction. Become aware of how the most important internal issues develop over time. You can also get information on how your employees experience their work situation in different areas such as communication, leadership and work environment. PULSE measurements are often used as a complement to the annual employee survey.

With PULSE measurements, you also get an overview of how the results on issues such as, workload or sick leave, are affected and changed during different periods of the year. PULSE measurements are often used as a complement to the annual employee survey.

From overall picture down to detail

In addition to giving you an overall picture of the organization in a comprehensive results report, you also get insight at a detailed level. See how different groups and departments within the organization differ by comparing different results. Based on this, you can analyze the results to find problem areas within specific groups or departments.

You now have a good basis for dialogue and discussion with the groups and employees and to create action plans. The action plans should contain measures that will help you develop and improve in the vulnerable areas.

Pulsmätningar är snabbt och effektivt

Quick and effective

Take the PULSE, either with the aim to follow the trend in your key indexes, to set the focus on a specific area or to follow up the effects of the change activities that have been carried out, for example after the last employee survey.

Smidig uppföljning av medarbetarundersökningen

Easy follow-up

Managers and employees can easily follow the development within their area, and the management and HR get a clear basis for analysis and communication. Everything can be found in our easily used and interactive portal.

Underlag för dialog mellan medarbetare och chefer

Basis for dialogue

Our PULSE measurements provide a basis for increased dialogue between employees and managers. The manager receives support from the PULSE measurement and can use the result as a basis for developing the organization and strengthen the employee engagement.

Zonderas tool for PULSE measurement surveys

Benefits with Zondera´s PULSE measurements

Some of the benefits with using our tool for PULSE measurements are:

  • User-friendly, flexible and intuitive tool
  • Freedom to adapt surveys based on your own needs
  • Finished templates and themes to get started quickly and easily
  • Can be used both as a follow-up tool or completely independent
  • Integrates smoothly with previous measurements such as employee surveys

Don´t hesitate to contact us for a demo of the tool or discussion about layout and level of ambition.

Stay in touch

PULSE measurements will also help you stay in touch with your employees and maintaining a continuous dialogue, which will contribute to increased employee engagement and well-being.

According to research, this plays a significant role in both the organization's employee health and profitability.

In the PULSE measurements, it is also possible to include anonymous free text answers. With the help of text answers, everyone gets the opportunity to contribute their thoughts and opinions in addition to what is asked in the questions. This gives everyone a chance to participate and create topics for dialogue.

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